“An Idea… A Change”

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ANAND DESAI  (anand150@gmail.com)
Along with Axis Bank

Wednesday, 26 November 2008, and the following two days in Mumbai traumatized not only Indians but everyone around the globe. And instead of breaking our spirit however, the attack steeled all of us against this terror. All of us have been more that eager to help a “Just Cause”. More often than not, questions arise such as, “Will the money collected reach the right hands?” Or “Will it reach at the right time?”

My small idea that could ensure transparency and timely delivery of contributions into the right hands is what I am suggesting.

Axis Bank has come forward to back this idea and has offered its entire Branch network with all their alternate channels to collect monies straight into a designated pool account.  The process is transparent and ‘auditable’.

This account would be open until Saturday, 31st January 2009, at the end of which, the collections would be audited and cheques made out individually in favor of the beneficiaries [names identified officially with the support of the respective departments they represented].

At end of each working day, the cumulative collections would be announced on the net so that it is completely transparent.

People could contribute directly at the branches [CHEQUES ONLY PLEASE], through the Banks ATM network or on the Axis Bank website. When the details about the procedures are finalized, it will be published here on the site, and also the bank’s website.

I request all of you to spread the message so that this endeavor gets maximum visibility and support.

We are also creating a standard email attachment describing the intent and the method to contribute. I could mail it to all who in turn could send it to friends on their mailing list



Anand Desai

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